Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Nintendo Wii For Free

How to get a Free Wii
I am a huge game player but in this down economy it's hard to justify spending hundreds of dollars on a brand new system, especially one as cool as the Wii. That's why I tried this method of getting a FREE Playstation 3 a couple of years back. Getting a Wii is just as easy and being that it's administered by the same company, I don't have any worries about its legitimacy.

I'm sure you've all seen ads to get a free tv, or ipod, or xbox, or whatever. The vast majority of these ads are scams. However, there are a few of these companies that are legit. Trainn happens to be one of them. They run a whole network of free stuff sites, and have shipped over $7.5 million in free gifts since their foundation. This post is all about getting you a Wii from a site called Your Nintendo Wii 4 Free. The secret behind getting your Wii is doing what you do everyday. Do you rent movies or video games? Do you buy books or CDs online? Do you want to start your own home business on eBay or with Google? That's great. Trainn has partnered with various companies to let you try out products for a trial period. You use their site to try these services and in turn they give Trainn a referral payment which they use to pay for your Wii. They even ship it free to your home. Now, some trials cost a little bit of money, but you aren't obligated for more than the requirements which is perhaps a week to at most a month.

Now while the site is called Your Nintendo Wii 4 Free, understand why they consider this method to be free. Let's say you try out GameFly like I did. Using Trainn's offer portal, you go to Gamefly and register for a trial membership. For a month you can rent video games for only $8.95. As long as you rent at least one game and don't cancel the membership before a week is up you get credit towards the Wii. Gamefly pays Trainn and Trainn pays you. Besides, if you are getting a Wii, you might want to have a membership to a site like GameFly so that you can rent Wii games. Keep the membership and now you are doing something you would normally do and you'll get a Wii for it.

While signing up for a game site at $8.95 isn't free, it's a whole lot better than $300. The great thing is, you don't even have to get the Wii. You can opt for CASH. I've heard of people signing up, doing the offers, and having cash in their PayPal accounts in a few hours. Just think, you invest $8.95 into a GameFly trial membership. Fulfill the requirements of that membership and you can then get $250 cash which will net you a profit of $241.05.

Again, the way these sites work is like this: You sign up, and then they have a whole bunch of advertiser offers. To get your Wii you only need to do one offer, like GameFly or Columbia House. Then you have an option. If you like doing the offers, go ahead and do more. Each one will count towards your Wii. Do you have a nephew or niece or even a child of your own and want to get them Children's books? There's an offer for books in there.

With Trainn, you can either complete offers on your own (about 15 give or take) or you can opt for a referral account. Complete one offer, and then have at most 7 people people sign up under you and they complete one offer. THIS IS THE EASIER AND CHEAPER OF THE TWO. If you're ready let's talk about first steps.

  1. I suggest going to Yahoo or Gmail and setting up a brand new email address for this venture. It's a lot easier to manage this process with a separate email account and it keeps your regular everyday email from being targeted by spam. That way you can manage everything without it messing up your regular routines.
  2. Once you have that new email address handy, sign up at the site by clicking the links in this post or go here. Pick your gift. There are various bundles to choose from or $250 in cash.
  3. In the bottom corner of the screen is a box that says Sign-Up. Make sure you see the sentence "You were referred by 5680869." This is important later.
  4. Fill out the information requested. Now, most people get antsy right here. Trainn never asks you for your credit or banking information. If you have a PayPal acount, you may need it for cash gifts, but that's just an email address. They are also McAfee Secure.
  5. Complete an offer to get credit and if you choose the referral method go out and find however many other people needed to get your gift and tell them about this website. Get your friends, your neighbors, or anybody you know.
  6. Now remember I told you that the number on the Sign-Up box was important? It is because when you sign up, you will be given a unique web site address that you will need to provide to those who sign up for your site. If not, you won't receive referral credit and Trainn can't send you your gift.
  7. If you don't have any friends, take your referral link and post it in appropriate places, like a blog or on a poster that you can hang on a bulletin board at local establishments that allow such items. I've included a link on the right hand side that talks about this or you can click here.
  8. Receive your gift and enjoy it. That's it.
My Personal Story
I signed up on YourPS34Free in August of 2006. I then chose to make my account a referral account. (You can do points or referrals.) I then looked through the offers, and found one that I thought would be worthwhile. I signed up for STAMPS.COM since they offer a month of service for free and $5.00 in free postage that you print out from your computer. I ended up paying nothing because I decided not to keep the service longer than a month. I did, however, print out some postage. THIS IS REQUIRED. HEY, IT'S FREE POSTAGE. Within a half hour, my offer was credited to my account. Now all I needed was 10 people to do the same. Remember, you don't have to pick just an Physical Prize. Cash is an option. And that's all there is to it. Here is a link to trainn's feedback, with pictures of prizes won. You can also look them up on the forums. If you found this post helpful, please, sign up.If you want more proof, check out my PS3 page.